The Patient Gardener


The trouble I find with spending a number of days visiting gardens is the sensory overload.  So many gardens, plants, owners, ideas and experiences and when you then start to try and think about how to distil your experience into a blog post; well sometimes it seems to be a challenge too far. I have a habit of writing blog posts almost immediately I return from a garden visit but work demands… Read More

I have been remiss in posting about all the gardens I visited back at the end of June in San Francisco.  I was so overwhelmed and life has been so hectic since but looking through photos I thought I would post about the  garden I liked least – the Ruth Bancroft Garden. I should start by saying that I was feeling particularly unwell the morning we visited this garden.  We were in… Read More

This month’s photographic challenge from Gardening Gone Wild is entitled ‘On the road again’.  The criteria is a photo which reflects a new garden that you have come across during your summer travels, giving a sense of place. I have already posted about La Mortella gardens on Ischia which were stunning but I was also taken whilst we were on Ischia at its greenness in comparison to the mainland coast.  The Italians… Read More