Sedum haircut – an update

I have noticed from the stats on my blog that my post on cutting back my Sedum in June is frequently looked at. So I thought people might be interested in an update of my trial.

In my previous post I commented that I had experimented with cutting back one of my Sedums in June.  I was following the advice I found in Tracy DiSabato-Aust’s book The Well Tended Perennial Garden which recommended cutting back in order to prevent the plants flopping especially on rich soil.  I think this technique is referred to here in the UK, as the Chelsea chop as it generally happens around the time of the Chelsea Flower Show in May.  

The Sedum above is not the one I cut back but you can see what happens in my garden.  I have rich clay soil which makes Sedums grow very vigorously but results in a sappy plant plus we have had so much rain that its been a challenge for any plant to stay upright.

However, below is the Sedum I cut back.  They are the same variety, in fact they are off shots from the same parent plant.  When I cut back the Sedum, I started to chicken out as it looked awful so I left some of the shorter side shoots and these are the ones which have the larger flowers on them.

You can see that a more compact plant has been produced which is more floriforous and attractive.  I like the mixture of flowers at different stages and size, I think it will prolong the period of interest. I also prefer the smaller leaves that have been produced and there is no ghastly bare patch in the middle.

So in conclusion I will be partially Chelsea chopping all my Sedums next year and will be seeking out other plants that I can do this to.