The Patient Gardener


If we were having a cup of tea right now I would be telling you about my fab weekend at the Alpine Garden Society annual conference. I learnt all sorts of things, many of them not to do with plants.  For example I learnt that New Zealand’s only native mammals are bats (is that right Yvonne?) which makes it strange that the Speargrass (Aciphylla), a native, is a very prickly thing when… Read More

P A quick post today as I am away for the weekend in Stratford upon Avon attending the annual Alpine Garden Society AGM and conference. The theme of the conference is Reaching for the Heights and so far today we have explored the mountain heights of Turkey and also Nepal.  The Turkey talk was by the Wallis, well known for growing amazing bulbs so this talk was very appealing to me –… Read More

Alpine Easter Show 2013 There is no ‘My Garden This Weekend’  post this week as I have been away at an Alpine Garden Society conference near Stratford for the weekend.  Alpines are a new fascination for me and I discovered the Alpine Garden Society a year ago when someone directed me to their wonderful seed – in my opinion the best seed distribution scheme available. I quickly discovered that the term ‘Alpine’… Read More