Foliage Follow Up – September 2013

Aralia Cordata Sun King & Sorbaria
Aralia Cordata Sun King & Sorbaria

I’m beginning to enjoy the monthly Foliage Follow Up Meme more than the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.  It makes you really look at your plants and see what is interesting aside from the flowers.

This month I have two new additions to the garden (above) Aralia Cordata Sun King (paler broader leaf) and Sorbaria.  They are to go at the far end of the garden where I am beginning to create a kind of foliage screen to the fence.  They are both deciduous and the Sorbaria is meant to have good autumn colour.  I have been warned it can sucker but that’s fine as I need something to fill a biggish gap and I can always sell the suckers.

Melianthus major
Melianthus major

The Melianthus is my favourite foliage plants this month particularly as it had disappeared under rampant Cosmos and was looking sorry for itself.  It is now much happier and perky especially since we have had quite a bit of rain over the last week.


My unidentified Acer is beginning to change colour.  I was particularly struck with how it looks like someone has been daubing the leaves with a paint brush.  I can’t remember noticing this before but then I might not have been looking.

Castor Oil Plant
Castor Oil Plant

The Castor Oil plants have provided a wonderful contrast to the Dahlias and I find it amazing that they have grown as much as they have from seed in one year.  They are quite magnificent.


I do seem to like purple leaved plants like this Cornus and again they are providing a good back drop to the bright colours of the Dahlias and Chrysanthemums.

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A little time goes a long way



This weekend has been particarly busy with my eldest’s 19th birthday and decorating  my youngest’s bedroom ready for new fitted wardrobes.  However, I did manage to get about an hour all told  in  the garden to get my theraputic fix. There is so much to d at this time of year especially as it has been very difficult to get into the garden over recently weekends due to the snow and cold.  So what to do first?

Well I had received a lovely package from Plants of Distinction with some seeds which I had ordered earlier in tthe week.  As some of them such as the Bergonias need starting off asap at at high temperatures I  decided to set up my window sill propogator and to start sowing the first batch of seeds of the year. Sowed Begonias, Verbenas, Nemisias, Eryginiums, scented leaf Geraniums.  Its very saitsfying  to see the little trays of seeds each with its own clear plastic lid.

Then, what to do next? I also needed to write my article for Yellow Pages and this meant that I had to come up with something seasonal along with an appropriate photo.  Having looked through my gardening advice books I was reminded that I  should have pruned my Cornus bushes in order to promote new stems with strongly coloured bark for next winter.  I set to and decided that instead of cutting the whole shrubs back hard that I would leave one or two of the newer tall thin stems.  I had read that my doing this the plant may produce flowers and the plant will be stronger.  The above shrub ended up with only three stems left but I do think it looks so much better. Photo dutifully taken for post where I shall do a more detailed description of pruning dogwoods.

Hopefully, next weekend I will get abit more time to try and complete some of the work that needs doing.  I have tidying up to  do, plants to move, borders to redesign, seeds to sow, summer bulbs to plant, seedlings to pot up etc etc!!!