The Patient Gardener


The thing that struck me more than anything during our week in Cornwall was the wildflowers.  Anyone who has holidayed in Cornwall will know all about the narrow windy roads with high verges.  I have often holidayed in this area in July or August and the verges have been grassy with a few flowers.  However, maybe because we were away much earlier than usual and also possibly because of the late Spring,… Read More

Yesterday started overcast which came as rather a surprise given the wonderful sunshine we have had this week.  We have lost faith in the local weather forecast which seems to bare no resemblance to the actual temperatures so it’s now a case of peering at the sky and putting layers in the car. Yesterday’s destination was St Ives. Like St Michael’s Mount I have wanted to visit St Ives for a while. … Read More

I wanted to join in with Michelle’s Bloggers Cut over at her blog Veg Plotting but we are away on holiday.  The idea is for garden bloggers to post on the 2nd June with cake and garden to support the Chelsea Fringe. I thought it was a great idea.  It’s always nice when garden blogger, or any bloggers for that matter, come together for an ‘event’.  I was full of good intentions. … Read More

I can’t remember when I first became aware of the existence of St Michael’s Mount but it was a long time ago.  It spoke to my child’s imagination and curiosity.  Despite many visits to Cornwall over the years I have never really been in the right area or with the right people.  This year I realised that St Michael’s Mount, and St Ives another on the list, were very do-able and yesterday… Read More

Trebah is one of those archetypal Cornish grand gardens which start up high on a headland and work their way down through large plantings to an estuary.  I have to say that having visited Heligan a number of times and Coleton Fishacre my enthusiasm wasn’t that high.  Don’t get me wrong they are very nice but it gets a little repetitive plus Trebah’s website was very family friendly with zip wires and… Read More

Visiting gardens these days with both my adult sons is like viewing the garden with a comedy soundtrack.  Their conversation, completely un-horticultural, is far-reaching and having not seen much in recent months is non-stop.  They also both have a quirky sense of humour so it isn’t unusual to hear  out-takes of Hot Fuzz or be aware that one of them is doing a moon-walk behind you.  It is delightful to have their… Read More

Visiting a garden when it is 28C is not really ideal but needs must and all that.  This Friday I drove down to Plymouth to pick my youngest up from University.  He will be home now until September and as he will be in a new house  then everything had to come home.  My poor little Peugeot was full to the gunnels.  Anyway, it is a good 7 hr round trip and… Read More