The Patient Gardener


Asarina procumbens Just over a week ago I posted about my  seed haul from the Hardy Plant Society,  well today my seeds from the Cottage Garden Society seed distribution scheme arrived.  Luckily there aren’t as many packets but it is another electic mix and surprisingly only one duplication with the seeds from HPS which is good as I didn’t really cross -reference my orders.  The result is that I have two lots of… Read More

Tigridia pavonia As some readers will know I am a seedaholic – I love the thrill  of growing plants from seed.  To feed my addiction I order seeds each  year through the Cottage Garden Society  seed distribution scheme and in the last two years also  through the Hardy Plant Society scheme.   I  understand the RHS  also have a scheme but so far I have resisted as I think it may be one  step… Read More

  As theres no Gardeners World on tonight I thought I would post about my visit to Barnsdale, one of the former homes of GW, last weekend.  I wasnt sure what to expect.  I came to Gardeners World towards the end of Geoff Hamilton’s time and I wondered how much I would remember.  But it was amazing how familiar so many of the gardens seemed.  At one point in the Artisans Cottage… Read More

Angelica gigas Some people may have picked up on the fact that I have abit of an addiction – to growing things from seed.  This really only became a true addiction 2 years ago when I got my first greenhouse and it has been down hill ever since. This week I have received two lovely packages through the post with my seed orders from the Cottage Garden Society and the Hardy Plant… Read More

As some of the people who read this blog may have gathered I’m a member of the Cottage Garden Society.  I’m not a big joiner of things and I do believe that you only get out of things what you put in. I joined the Society about 3 years ago, having picked up a leaflet at the Malvern Spring show.  It wasn’t a great expense – only £9 for the year and in… Read More