The Patient Gardener


I have been playing around over the last couple of weeks with a new blog and unsurprisingly the hardest bit has been coming up with a name for it. It started off as ‘Patiently Crocheting’ but that really didn’t trip off the tongue and I quickly realised that I wanted something that I could use for all sorts of crafts. I dabble in sewing, knitting, embroidery as well as crochet. I have… Read More

  The last three granny squares have been quite interesting. First up is a traditional granny square crocheted in half treble stitches. This is the best one I have done of these as I seem to be getting the tension right now.   This was followed by a chequer board pattern square which was also incredibly easy. It’s simply a mix of treble blocks and chain spaces. I think I am beginning… Read More

Todays two granny squares (numbers 33 and 34 respectively) are all about texture and I rather like them. Square 33 is a V-stitch pattern square.  It is incredibly easy to crochet up and very satisfying especially as I gave up with the instructions for the previous square in the book which required elongated stitches and just left me cold.  For this square you work the foundation row crocheting 2tr into the 4th… Read More

I haven’t been well today so to keep me occupied I have been ploughing on with the granny squares for the vintage throw. There are two plain squares.  The deep purple one, or aubergine, is in a basketweave and I found this quite challenging to do.  The stitch was fairly simple once I got the hang of it and could see how the pattern developed, however I found it rather awkward to… Read More

I have decided to start a new blog to chronicle my efforts to learn to crochet.  I have another blog, The Patient Gardener, which I have written for some 5 years and occasionally I post on there about various non-gardening activities.  However, as I am making a concerted effort to get to grips with crocheting I thought I would encourage myself by making myself record my attempts on a regular basis. As… Read More

Just to prove that my first Creative Thursday post wasn’t a one hit wonder here is another project finished.  This is the first thing I have crocheted that isn’t a granny square or a scarf.  Admittedly it is made up of rectangles so there is no shaping required – something I am yet to try.  The strap was entertaining as you crochet a tube going round and round and round, it grew… Read More

I have included the odd post on here about my creative exploits.  Aside from my botanical painting which is definitely on the back burner at the moment, there has been the tiny clothes for my mother’s toy goose, a skirt and more recently a crocheted scarf. I want to re-discover my creative side. When I was a teenager and when my sons were little I was always knitting and sewing.  In my… Read More

Finished my scarf

Some of the stalwart readers of this blog will recall a post I wrote about depression and how I was frustrated with a knitting pattern which was adding to my, then, feeling of failure.  Well I came to the conclusion that the pattern was wrong and that I had wasted enough time labouring over it, so the knitting was unravelled and put away with the intention of finding an alternative pattern for… Read More