The Patient Gardener


My vase this week contains some late summer perennials which are looking good in the garden at the moment.  I have to admit to being a little mean when I cut flowers in the garden.  I really hate diminishing the display and many of my plants are  to young to produce lots of blooms. This week’s bunch contains some perennial Rudbeckia which arrived in the garden, possibly via bird seed.  One of… Read More

Autumn and the season of bounty is definitely upon us.  My step over apples have generous crops of apples considering how small the trees are; not bad for their third year. I finished off my period of annual leave by replanting the Cottage Border along the top of the wall.  Last weekend I lifted everything aside from the roses and sage, potted it up although I threw a few plants.  Then I… Read More

The garden has gone from the soft pinks and blue to basically orange and red.  I have a liking for Crocosmia and they have been slowly increasing in the garden more than I had realised.  The majority are the one above as ever I have no idea which variety it is.   I have bought Emily Mackenzie and Lucifer in the past but I am pretty certain it is neither of these and… Read More

The weather this summer, here in the UK, has been awful.  Whilst we were told by the weathermen that this summer there would be a heatwave in reality the heatwave consisted of a couple of weeks in late June when temperatures reached around 28 degrees.  Since then sunny warm days have been few and far between but there has been plenty of rain just like the last two summers.  I’m sure if… Read More

Well we have been really struggling here in Worcestershire with the heat.  On average around 28 degrees but with the humidity it has felt like it was well in the 30s.  I know garden bloggers in Austin, Texas are dealing with much higher temperatures but we just aren’t set up for it here in the UK.  Air conditioning is not the norm though more and more have it in their cars –… Read More