The Patient Gardener


February is really becoming hellebore time in my garden although unusually I haven’t added to the collection yet this year although I am sure there is still time. Above is a selection of some of those that are looking good this week. Interestingly the colours don’t seem as strong this year with Anna’s Red looking no darker than my long-established dark pink hellebore and the yellows seem very pale. I need to… Read More

Any time in the garden is precious at this time of year and if the sun shines albeit weakly it is even more special. Yesterday afternoon was such a time with a low sun appearing fleetingly behind the scudding clouds. Today, by contrast, was a day to watch and look as the rain lashed against the windows and the few remaining dead leaves galloped across the patio. It is also a time… Read More

This has been a weekend of extremes of weather.  Today, my birthday, has been a non-event in the garden due to the drizzle and cold wind but this is fine as I wore myself out yesterday in the garden taking advantage of the sunshine. I love this time of year there is so much promise and every time I am in the garden I do much peering to see what bulbs and… Read More

Yesterday, the gods smiled, the sun shone and I finally got to spend a day at RHS Wisley Garden.  I have wanted to visit properly for a while but it’s around a 3 hour drive each way and the journey skirts the edge of London.  As I am rapidly becoming a country hillbilly the thought of all that traffic has been too much for me and I have repeatedly dismissed the idea… Read More

There isn’t much to report from the garden this weekend mainly as I spent the only dry sunny day at my garden club and sadly Sunday was a blustery and damp day.  I have spent some time outside today, well enough to take these photographs which proved challenging due to the wind.  Looking around the garden there are increased signs of the change of seasons we are all waiting for. The first… Read More

  Whilst this Winter and early Spring have been unprecedentedly cold the crocuses do seem to have benefited.  I don’t remember a year when they have looked so good.  I have to admit that I have a half-hearted relationship with crocus.  They look lovely in parkland in large drifts under deciduous trees but I hate them when they are used in municipal planting schemes as they look so unnatural.  Hardly suprising when they are… Read More