The Patient Gardener


I have spent a lovely couple of days in North Wales staying with Karen (ArtistsGarden).  Although we don’t need an excuse to meet up it was rather convenient that there was a Plant Fair at Crug Farm on Saturday which just happens to be about an hour from Karen’s  – so rude not to go really. We picked up a couple of like-minded souls: Karen’s sister-in-law Jane and Kate (Beangenie) and set… Read More

On Friday I went on a pilgrimage to Crug Farm Nurseries.  Those in the know will know that this is a mecca for plant lovers.  I have never been before so was quite excited at the prospect.  There is no gift shop, no sundries for sale, no cafe….just wonderful plants.  It is a real nursery. When you arrive you can go for a waunder around the gardens so you can see the… Read More