The Patient Gardener


Take one group of overgrown leggy aeoniums add… a pile of old terracotta pots and a few trugs of sandy gritty compost and you get a whole load of aeoniums which I am now wondering what I will do with if they take. When I got my first aeonium it took me some time before I had the courage to chop the top of the plant and pot it up.  But when… Read More

There comes a point when you realise that there isn’t much more theory you can learn about something and the only way forward is to get hands on experience.  This realisation came to me yesterday when I attended an excellent propagation study day at Sally Gregson’s nursery in Somerset  organised by the WFGA There were 9 of us on the study day  with varying amounts of knowledge regarding propagation but all keen… Read More

This has been one of those weeks when you are glad to reach the end of it and hope that the next week will be better. Unlike the majority of the UK here in Worcestershire we seem to have got away with only a small amount of snow, as you can see above, which is something to be grateful for after the weeks of snow we had at the beginning of the… Read More

         I have started to expand my propogating into taking cuttings instead of just concentrating on seeds.  I thought seeds were tempermental but it seems to me that cuttings are worse, although it could be my inexperience!  Last Autumn I took cuttings of several shrubs – some rotted almost straight away – whoops.  But my Forsythia and Cistus cuttings have done really well and they have put on lots of roots… Read More