The Patient Gardener


I took these photographs yesterday morning as I am meant to be a work today but needless to say the  cold that had been dogging my heels for the last week decided to start snapping and I have given in and retreated to my  bed.   Yesterday morning was one of those damp, chilly, misty Autumnal mornings.  The sun was trying to break through the mist  and was dancing off the petals of… Read More

Like a fairytale princess the daisy border is stretching her limbs and opening her eyes, welcoming the sunshine which seems to have finally arrived. Aster umbellatus, like a bridesmaid leads the way, opening its tiny dainty flowers before all the others.  A mass of insects which hide when the camera appear.  It is tall, adding height and a delightful counterpoint to the Calamgrostis overdam take form the backbone of the border. Aster… Read More

The garden is at the half way stage – the early summer flowers have gone over and the late summer flowers are yet to really get underway.  However, there is still plenty putting on a good show such as the Achillea Flowerburst Red, grown from seed last year.  I love the colour but I do find the  flopping nature of the plant annoying. Anyone who knows me well will know I’m not… Read More

… to why you are spreading across my lawn in spite of lawn care treatments etc!! They do look quite pretty though along with the clover and the dandelios and moss.  My lawn is very damp – it is basically on clay and with the amount of rain we have had this spring up until this week it positively squelched.  I put a moss and weed killer down last year and the… Read More