The Patient Gardener


It seems a while since I have done a ‘My Garden this Weekend’ post  partly due to bad weather but also due to other demands on my time.  However, this weekend I had the luxury of a weekend with no plans and despite the weather being changeable with sudden showers I still managed to steal a few hours both days to potter. I think my favourite activity in the garden is pottering. … Read More

As a child I had a proclivity for making mud pies and generally messing around in the garden –  as a small child I even came in with a slug in my mouth!!  This proclivity has stayed with me through my life, the mud pies not the slug eating, and I am never happier than when I am wielding a fork and turning the soil or up to the elbows in compost… Read More

Perversely I like this time of year in the garden.  Every half hour stolen seems like a bonus and a treat.  For a change I have actually done all the jobs I need to do for the winter and so everything I do now is a bonus. The weather is mild, although a little damp, and it is a relief to get outside for a bit of fresh air and exercise. Saturday… Read More

A lovely autumnal weekend although the weather man is telling me that meteorological we are in winter.  It doesn’t feel like it yet especially as the leaves are taking so long to fall this year. On Saturday I went to my HPS group meeting.  I have to admit that I left at lunchtime as I just felt out of sorts.  The last few weeks at work had finally caught up with me… Read More

We had planned to go for a walk at Croome Park on Boxing Day but like so much else it was closed due to flooding.  So instead we went for a walk on the Malvern Hills which are only a 5 minute drive from us.    I love trees especially at this time of year when their winter skeletons are so beautiful so we parked up at Earnslaw and went for a walk… Read More

Last year I started a new tradition of counting how many plants were flowering on Boxing Day.  I was surprised last year to find 12 different plants, some of them obviously flowering quite early due to the mild weather we had. This year hasn’t resulted in as many.  In fact looking out of the window you would think it was only Mahonia xMedia ‘Charity’ that was in flower.  It is a real… Read More

I know it isn’t considered very fashionable but I rather like Mahonias particularly at this time of year when they come into their own. Mahonias come from north and central America and East Asia, particularly the rocky and woodland areas.  They were named after Bernard M’Mahon, an Irish political refugee, who opened a seed shop in Philidelphia and published the American Gardeners Calendar in 1806. Mahonia xMedia ‘Charity’ was bought from Ashwood… Read More

As I seem to be leaving home for work every day in the dark and returning in the dark opportunities to take photographs for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day have been non-existence even more so that I hadn’t noticed that it was coming up to the 15th so the photos are a little limited. I know many people have been commenting on how strange the seasons are this year and it is true… Read More

Here we are in December and another GBBD post.  Whilst there is interst in the garden it is generally from foilage, coloured bark or the shapes left my the dying perennials. The only flowering plant I could find was this Mahonia xMedia Charity.  Its a lovely plant that just gets on with things but comes into its own at this time of year.  Its an excellent plant to have if you are… Read More