The Patient Gardener


There are some days when you really wonder if it would just have been better not to have bothered and I think today has been one of those days. It started, and remained, misty, grey and damp.  The rosemary was positively groaning under the weight, although they probably don’t weigh anything, of the cobwebs all adorned with their glistening baubles of dew.  All very atmospheric and charming if you can stay indoors… Read More

You would think booking the last week of March as annual leave would be a safe bet for some gardening time.  Not so.  Whilst officially we are in Spring the weather outside is still very wintery.  I awoke this morning to snow, not enough to snow us in but enough to make the journey to work unpleasant.  It has rained all day with the odd bout of sleet and the patio is… Read More

I try very hard to be a glass half full person and to try to find a positive side to things but sometimes I feel that I am flogging a dead horse, so to speak, and I should just accept the fact that I am really irritated.  What is irritating me? Well it’s the apparent notion that gardeners and people interested in horticulture are simple people who can be fobbed off with… Read More