The Patient Gardener


The garden is starting to don its summer finery and the geraniums are one of the key players.  I hadn’t quite realised that I had so many varieties as I have.  Most of them have been grown from seed at some point or another including some from a random mix of seeds so I’m not sure what variety the majority are but that doesn’t detract from their beauty.  Splish Splash is my… Read More

Having been away for a week and then recovering from jet lag and exhaustion from a full on trip and heavy workload before it has really been two weeks since I really spent time in the garden.  Of course, it is now very hot so I am working around it by gardening early morning or in the evening which I have discovered is a lovely time to be in the garden. There… Read More

  Waundering round the garden this evening I noticed how many of the plants had spire like flowers. This is my solitary lupin plant , the only one I have managed to keep alive of more than one year.  I have been told that they only last a few years so I’m going to attempt to grow some from its seeds this year. This is selection of my taller spires – from the… Read More