The Patient Gardener


My garden for the last 9 years or so has become my identity to many people particularly as I have been a serial blogger on the subject.  Even recently at work people have started to ask about my blog and I’ve heard the expression “Helen writes a gardening blog you know” more and more.  Something in me twitched at this.  I have always hated being pigeon-holed and railed against it.  But I… Read More

Finally made some progress on this area today – unfortunately it doesnt look like my original plan for a Bog Garden is going to work.  I had planned to cure the drainage problem by digging a big hole in the corner, filling it with gravel and topping off with compost and then planting bog plants in it.  However, as I started to dig the hole it rapidly filled up with water –… Read More

This Easter I am hoping to finally sort out th draining on my patio.  I moved here 4 years ago and have had to cope with the flooding on the patio everytime we have heavy rain.  My soil is thick clay and for some reason I seem to get all the water from mine and my neighbours garden running into the corner of my patio.  I have had a quote for putting… Read More