The Patient Gardener


As I said back at Christmas I am not a religious being and so I don’t celebrate Easter.  However, I enjoy the long Easter weekend as it is an opportunity to spend time with my sons and mother.  Having four days is a luxury, you can embark on a proper project, you can take time doing something rather than trying to fit it into a weekend, you can sit and stop and… Read More

Whilst I have been looking forward to a long weekend in order to potter in the garden and tackle the allotment (note the difference in the choice of verbs!) I have to admit I am relieved we have had so much rain this weekend. Unlike my gardening friends in the South and South East we are not currently facing a hose pipe ban but needless to say the dryness has begun to… Read More

Happy Easter everyone.  Thought you might like a slice of the Simnel Cake I made, sorry should have taken a photo before we tucked into it but we just couldn’t help ourselves.  For those of you who haven’t heard of a Simnel Cake it is a light fruit cake with a layer of marzipan inside (yum) and when it is baked you put another layer of marzipan on top and then 11… Read More