End of Month View – April 2017

The front garden is really coming into its own now and delivering the vibrant colours I hoped it would. The tulips are just beginning to go over but I will definitely be adding loads more to the bigger border for next year.  I think I will add more oranges, rusts and reds probably including some Tulip Ballerina which have been growing in the front garden for a few years now and come back reliably year on year.

Looking from the upstairs window you can see that the planting is definitely thicker nearer the house than towards the back of the border near the Grevillea.  However, there are lots of asters now pushing through the soil as well as some bronze fennel and Miscanthus.  I have some Cardoons I might add if there is enough room as well as Rudbeckia and Zinnia seedlings which will add some seasonal bulk while the permanent residents get established.

I am also pleased with the combination of the Honesty flowers and the lime green Euphorbia flowers so I hope to add more Honesty for next spring as well.  The whole intention is to have lots of rich bright colours for as much of the year as possible and I think for this part of the year I am starting to achieve it.

The tulips will soon be joined by Irises.  It will be interesting to see what colours as I have moved the tubers so much that I don’t know what is what any more.  These will then be joined by some Nectaroscodum which will add height but I want to add lots of alliums, the big Allium christophii to add impact.

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