The Patient Gardener


If you were to ask me if I liked variegated foliage I wouldn’t immediately say yes but then again I wouldn’t immediately say no either.  It’s not something I have a firm opinion on and I don’t really understand why some people say such things as ‘I don’t like yellow flowers in my garden’ as there are so many shades of yellow, different shaped flowers and it depends on different light etc. … Read More

The theme for my vase this week is red.  I wanted to use some of the Euphorbia characias ‘White Swan’ as I love the flower heads.  They have red eyes on each of the flowers, you have to trust me on this one.  Anyway, I have been pondering how to use them on and off all week and decided that the red Polyanthus would pick up the colour really well. Next puzzle,… Read More

With the sun shining it nice to spend some time actually looking at the plants that are looking good instead of charging around tidying and preparing.  Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ always makes me smile at this time of year.  I love the acid yellow of the new leaves.  I was slow to realise that the shrub benefitted from pruning and this prompts the fresh young growth. Continuing the yellowish theme is a new… Read More