The Patient Gardener


  It’s a strange thing that my thoughts about the garden are at their most clearest in the early hours of the morning when I am supposed to be asleep. I find myself seeing, with what feels like surprising clarity, exactly how a problem should be resolved and there is inevitably, as the birds warm up their vocal chords, a to do list which would strike fear into many a gardener. Some… Read More

My current favourite plant in the garden is Arisaema consanguineum.  A new addition this year from Dryad Nursery, one of those small mail order nurseries that have all sorts of hidden delights available during a small window of opportunity each year.  Unlike my Arisaema speciosum plants which are fairly short in stature and hide their flowers under their large leaves, this plant has height and elegance and the flower is proud and… Read More

You  will have seen from my recent posts here and here, my sons and I visited Italy last week for a holiday.   We were based in Sorrento and had a fab time exploring the area but I was tempted by a trip to the island of Ischia particularly as it included a visit to Giardini La Mortella, the garden created by Susana Walton, wife and widow of the composer William Walton.  The… Read More