The Patient Gardener


With my interest in plants becoming more and more foliage based there are few flowers in the garden at the moment.  However, the garden is still full of colour and texture from the various evergreens.  I adore the Melianthus major; it hasn’t stopped performing all year.  Grown from seed probably three years ago this plant is around 4ft high now.  I have two other plants all grown from seed at the same… Read More

With the sun shining it nice to spend some time actually looking at the plants that are looking good instead of charging around tidying and preparing.  Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ always makes me smile at this time of year.  I love the acid yellow of the new leaves.  I was slow to realise that the shrub benefitted from pruning and this prompts the fresh young growth. Continuing the yellowish theme is a new… Read More

We have had a thaw the last two days a there are now only a few small areas left in the garden where the snow remains.  The sun was shining this morning so  I decided to have a waunder around the garden to see if  there were any casulties.  Back at the beginning  of December I invested in a 10ft long cloche or  mini poly tunnel which I put over all my… Read More

Love this view of a Fatsia – looks very tropical and exotic. Everything is coming out in the garden and there is a wonderful sense of anticipation.  My Azalea has started to come out in flower – I’m sure it is early.  It has ridiculously large white flowers which are totally out of proportion to the size of the plant, so much so that when it is completely in flower it looks… Read More