The Patient Gardener


I have returned from an amazing weekend with my sons in London which included watching athletics at the Paralympics this morning.  I truely awe-inspiring experience. I though however that I should share another side of the Paralympic/Olympic Park.  The quieter, more restful, and floral part.  If you tear your eyes away from the amazing sporting venues and from being overwhelmed by the amount of people and the atmosphere and look around you… Read More

As ever at this time of year I am surprised at how much is flowering in the garden despite it looking bare.  But its a case of bending down and peering rather than being overwhelmed by masses of flowers. The little group of crocus, I would love  to know which ones they are, had only just  opened after a couple of weeks of extreme cold and then this morning I noticed they… Read More

As I seem to be leaving home for work every day in the dark and returning in the dark opportunities to take photographs for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day have been non-existence even more so that I hadn’t noticed that it was coming up to the 15th so the photos are a little limited. I know many people have been commenting on how strange the seasons are this year and it is true… Read More

I thought I was going to struggle to find much to include in this months Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.  The garden is quite colourful but the colour is generally coming from fading flowers and turning leaves.  However, I was surprised at what I did find flowering away in the borders.  Above is Aster St Michael, it is an aster from Pictons Nurseries which I bought last year and money from each… Read More

Here we are in December and another GBBD post.  Whilst there is interst in the garden it is generally from foilage, coloured bark or the shapes left my the dying perennials. The only flowering plant I could find was this Mahonia xMedia Charity.  Its a lovely plant that just gets on with things but comes into its own at this time of year.  Its an excellent plant to have if you are… Read More

At this time of year when the new Hellebores flowers are appearing, their appearance can be diminished by the presence of the old leaves.  Whilst the leaves on these Hellebores arent as bad as they have been in previous years, they do have quite a few brown marks and they are beginning to keel over. So I have followed some advice I read this weekend in a magazine and removed all the… Read More