The Patient Gardener


My poor garden has been suffering from neglect and a lack of enthusiasm from its owner.  I was unwell at the beginning of September – a mixture of stress and exhaustion and then two weeks ago my mother had a stroke.  It was one of those awful things when the phone wakes you from a deep sleep and you enter that strangely timeless world that is the hospital A&E department at night-time. … Read More

I have mentioned in recent posts that I have been clearing the border along the fence at the top of the bottom steps.  The fence has been stained as dark as possible and my eldest son has run his electrical cable along it which is going to take power to his workshop – the cable just needs pulling taught now. In this border are two unknown roses that were in situ when… Read More

I thought as I was at the start of two weeks annual leave with no plans for going away just pottering around that I would start it with giving you a tour of the garden.  I have done this in the past but  not for a while and I enjoyed Loree’s tour of her garden so much I am copying her. So lets start at the kitchen door – above is the… Read More

Some of the foliage in the garden at the moment is nearly as bright and colourful as the flowers.  The Coleus Henna is looking wonderful after a bit of a rocky start when the weather was so hot.  I have a pot full of 6 of these plants and they really look wonderful en masse with nothing else to distract. I like this monthly meme as it makes me look past the… Read More

I thought I would join in with Pam’s Foliage Follow Up meme which is on the 16th of each month. This mont’s Foliage Follow-Up focuses on the ‘Japanese Fern Border’ which is becoming to come together.  In the top picture we have Saxifraga (something I can’t remember), Impatiens omeiana and in the foreground Aeonium hierrense.  The Aeonium is in a pot in front of the border as I realised rather late that… Read More

I thought I would join in with Christina’s monthly meme on foliage this month.  Whilst lots of the perennials are still only just emerging especially as the cooler temperatures now seem to be holding things back, there are some plants which are really making their presence felt such asLigularia britt marie crawford. I am so pleased to see this plant looking so healthy.  Last year it suffered with the dry weather so much… Read More

I am finding foliage more and more interesting as a background to flowers and also as a way of creating texture and interest in the border without relying on flowers.  However, all that is irrelevant come the Autumn when the changing leaves steal the show no matter what is flowering in your garden. The Acer above is a real favourite of mine mainly for sentimental reasons as my sons bought it for… Read More

I was interested to read Christina’s recent post extolling the importance of foliage.  I have found myself in the last year or so beginning to think more about how different foliage works together and my favourite bed in the garden is one where the planting is based entirely on foliage combinations and the flowers come second.  As I said in a recent post I want to move more in this direction in… Read More