The Patient Gardener


I don’t think I have blogged a Monday Vase for a few weeks so I made a concerted effort this weekend to put something together.  The theme is pink and started with the Geranium palmatum which are huge this year.  Luckily I planted most of them at the top of the garden under the bamboos as they have become very triffid like.  The pink is just so vibrant it was hard not… Read More

  Unlike most of the UK we seemed to have escaped the snow except for a light costing on Saturday night (3 days ago).  We have had very low temperatures though so the snow hasn’t melted just frozen over and over again and is now a horrid ice.  I took these photos this morning when I was out topping up the  bird feeders and deicing the bird baths.  There is a special… Read More

  Waundering round the garden this evening I noticed how many of the plants had spire like flowers. This is my solitary lupin plant , the only one I have managed to keep alive of more than one year.  I have been told that they only last a few years so I’m going to attempt to grow some from its seeds this year. This is selection of my taller spires – from the… Read More