Guess Who is coming to dinner chez Patientgardeners

We have been invited by VP to hold a gardening dinner party and to share with her and our fellow bloggers who we would invite and why.  So here is my guest list:


My first guest would be Daisy, Countess of Warwick. I first read about her when I read Virgins, Weeders and Queens .  She was one of a number of influential women in gardening history that I would love to have met. Daisy was part of the high society in Edwardian times but commissioned many gardens within the 4 acre grounds of her cottage Stone Hall.  However she became interested in socialism and her gardening style became more naturalistic. I find this period of history very interesting and her involvement in the Edwardian gardening movement would be fascinating to find out more about.  I would include all the others but I think I really need abit of variety at this dinner party.

My second guest would be Frank Kingdon-Ward. He explored Tibet – bringing back new varieties of Primula (one of my favourite plants), the Meconopsis betonicifolia (a plant I would love to grow) and various Rhododendrons. He also travelled in Burma and other parts of East Asia.  I have chosen him as I am interested in plant collecting and what drives people to pursue this. 

To bring a moden perspective on plant hunting, my third guest would be Roy Lancaster.  I really enjoy reading Roy’s articles in the Gardening World Magazine about his explorations all over the world and also his reviews of plants in Gardens Illustrated.  I believe he is considered to be the plantsman’s plantsman – he also seems to have a good sense of humour which is always important at a dinner party.

My next guest is Carol Klein.  I think she is a genus at plant propogation and I could learn alot from her.  I like her no-nonsense and enthusiastic approach to gardening and like Roy I think she would bring some laughter to the table.

My final guest is the much missed Christopher Lloyd.  I had only discovered his gardening books about a year before he died but I find his style of writing refreshingly direct.  I like the way he threw away the ‘rule book’ and believed in going with your instinct. 

So thats my guest list – I hope they can all make it.  What will we eat? Well thats a hard one.  I think I will go for a fish main course something with seasonal veg as Christopher Lloyd was well known for his simple but very tasty cooking. My starter would be a soup – probably at this time of year a Celariac soup and for my pudding I think I would go for a Rhubarb Crumble – if there was some forced Rhubarb in the shops.

So those are my plans – for others visit Veg Plottings site