The Patient Gardener


Winter has never been a favourite season for me or even a mildly welcomed one. It is the bottom of the pile. I have found it too still, too grey and obviously too cold. My preference has always been for spring and autumn. Both seasons of significant change, generally fine weather and less overwhelming than the blowsy bountiful, bright summer. However I am slowly beginning to appreciate winter more. Despite a loathing… Read More

From Faery Song  Shed no tear! O shed no tear! The flowers will bloom another year. Weep no more! O weep no more! Young buds sleep in the root’s white core.  John Keats (1795-1821) Took these photos on the common just 5 mins up the road from us on the way home from my parents this morning – what a nice white start to the year. For more Garden Bloggers Musing go to… Read More

This Sunday I woke up to our first really frosty morning. For the first time I decided to take my camera and go outside to see what images I could capture. Prior to starting this blog less than a year ago I wouldnt have thought of doing this. I find it constantly amazing the difference having a camera with me makes.  I find myself looking at things far more carefully.  In the… Read More