The Patient Gardener


This month the stars of the garden are the various irises and aquilegias.  I have always loved Irises of all sorts.  My love affair started with bearded irises such as Langport Wren above.  Over the years various varieties have come and gone from the garden, mainly due to too much shade, but Langport Wren has ben a stalwart.  Now my garden is more sunny and I have more open border space with… Read More

I’m starting this month’s GBBD post (possibly the first one this year) with a favourite plant at the moment which I think is very overlooked, Lathyrus vernus; I also think the photo is rather nice.  This is the pink version but the most common is a blue/purple version. If you don’t know it then I would recommend it to you.  Part of the pea family, a low growing perennial which appears at… Read More

I thought I was going to struggle to find much to include in this months Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.  The garden is quite colourful but the colour is generally coming from fading flowers and turning leaves.  However, I was surprised at what I did find flowering away in the borders.  Above is Aster St Michael, it is an aster from Pictons Nurseries which I bought last year and money from each… Read More