The Patient Gardener


During the Garden Bloggers Fling in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago we visited two nurseries.  When I saw these on the itinerary I was a little down as to make a plantaholic visit a nursery when they couldn’t buy any plants to take home to the UK seemed a bit mean. Oh well, I thought I would wander around and try not to covert too much and then we would… Read More

It’s been a stunning week weather wise.  The temperatures here in Malvern have been around 18/19C the last couple of days.  The garden has visibly filled out in front of my eyes to the extent that my peonies are obviously taller when I get home than when I went to work that morning. I stopped off on the way home to pick up some vegetable seeds for the allotment which I hadn’t… Read More

I’m afraid I succumbed to my big weakness – bargain plants.  Visted my local Woolies and I had to have a look at their plant section!  I ended up with 3 water plants (they were all half price at £2.99 each), 2 lots of gladioli bulbs (BOGOF) and 2 packets of Laura Ashley seeds (BOGOF).  Generally I like to buy my plants from small nurseries, the growers at my local Malvern Spring… Read More