The Patient Gardener


There is no post on my garden this weekend as I have been very busy doing after things and it rained on and off on Saturday so I didn’t spend much time in the garden. You can see how lush all the rain is making the garden. I spent today at Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire at my first OldHorts meet up.  What is OldHorts I hear you cry, or maybe mutter.  It… Read More

Stocktonbury Gardens near Leominster in Herefordshire is a garden I have visited a number of times over recent years but I have never visited this early in the year and I wanted to see the Skunk Cabbages.  I don’t know why it’s just one of those curiosities I have had for a while.  Having seen Tamsin tweet they were opening last week I decided to seize the day and put a note… Read More

I felt in need of some plant therapy this weekend.  I don’t feel as though I have had much horticultural time for the last few weeks particularly over the Christmas break when I was decorating.  Sunday’s forecast was cold and grey so a quick bit of research pointed me in the direction of Birmingham Botanical Garden and its glasshouses. I have never visited the gardens before and it is just under an… Read More

I have run out of enthusiasm for garden visiting, a sensation I am finding quite surprising. Garden visiting is something I have done for some 6 years or more on a fairly regular basis. Until the last year I felt excited and enthusiastic about visiting a garden. It was like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning; that feeling of anticipation, wonder and curiosity. Now that feeling has gone and instead when a… Read More

Yesterday I finally visited Anne and Charles’s garden – Veddw.  I say finally as I have wanted to visit for a while but have been a little intimidated by Anne’s approach to how people view gardens and especially the glossy magazine articles on gardens where everything is ‘lovely’. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I visited the garden.  I had seen some photographs but nothing prepared me for entering from… Read More

…of  the Garden Blogging Spring Fling kind of course! When I told people I work with that I was flying all the way from the UK to San Francisco to meet up with 70ish other garden bloggers and look around gardens for a weekend I got some rather strange looks.  They said San Francisco was  a great city and I would have fun but you could tell that the whole garden blogging… Read More

It was with a sense of relief today that I took a day out  of work and drove cross-country to the Cotswolds to meet up with two blogging friends, Michelle and Victoria.  We had arranged to visit Painswick Rococo Garden between Gloucester and Stroud to see the snowdrops.  Michelle and I had originally planned to do this some three years ago but life and bad weather had intervened.  Why was I relieved? … Read More

I seemed to be destined near to see The Garden House at its best despite having the opportunity to visit it a number of times a year now my youngest son is studying at Plymouth University and lives about 30 minutes away.  Sadly their academic year ends at the end of May and starts late September so the summer flowers seem to allude me. I have to admit to being really disappointed… Read More

I knew there must be an upside  to my son studying at Plymouth University, a 3 hour  drive from us, though I was a little slow to pick up on what it was.  My glee when I realised that The Garden House was only 30 mins drive from his student house cannot be described.  I have wanted to visit this garden for a couple of years now having seen it mention in… Read More

After my visit to Karen’s I trekked round Lake Bala and across North Wales to Elizabeth’s.  When Elizabeth says she lives on a hillside she isn’t joking.  The single track road to their house is very steep in places and I wondered how they coped when it snowed.  The house is a very old farmhouse (which I forgot to photograph along with most of the garden) and you have to drive through… Read More