The Patient Gardener


I was disappointed with last nights Gardeners World.  I like Joe Swift’s style of presentation but I thought he had an impossible task explaining about garden design in 30 minutes.  I think it would have been better if he had shown how each of the 6 elements had been achieved in everyday gardens.  I was surprised though at my reaction to the last minimilist garden. I am  a plantaholic and love growing… Read More

As it is blowing a gale and trying to snow outside I thought I would post my thoughts on GW last night.  I like the Monty/Alys combo, I think they work well together.  They have different approaches and attitudes which is interesting. I was though a little disappointed at Carol’s visit to Great Dixter.  This is a fantasic garden and they had trailered that Carol was going to visit somwhere special but… Read More

Well tonight saw the return of Gardeners World, although sadly it wont be on next week.  I thought that a programme almost exclusively devoted to fruit growing would be boring as I dont have room for fruit trees, but I found it very interesting.  Particularly the stories about the communities that have their own orchards – how idyllic!!! The new format seemed interesting, particularly Carol Klein doing propogating from her own garden. … Read More