The Patient Gardener


In a bid to finish some projects in order to justify starting something new I have made myself finish the Sample Blanket.  I started this in a bid to learn to crochet and it has been successful in achieving that goal.  I am fairly confident on most of the basic stitches now so the next step will be to master shaping. The blanket is more of a lap blanket as I ran… Read More

I have been subscribing to Art of Crochet in order to teach myself to crochet.  However, I think it is a little expensive and there are just so many wonderful books, magazines and blogs out there that I think I am ready to cut the ‘apron strings’ and go solo.  So I have cancelled by subscription to the magazine. This is all very well and good but part of the subscription includes… Read More

I have reached a point of demotivation with the Throw.  I think I really need to do some small projects to give myself a break but while I ponder on what these might be I decided to use my evening yesterday to darn in all those ends of threads.  It has taken me hours and that was only for 44 squares.  I must try to remember to do them as I go…. Read More

A couple more squares completed.  I do need to block these and I am finding that some squares seem to be coming up larger than others although I am sure my tension is the same.  It makes me wonder the advisability of making a rug out of such a diverse range of styles of granny squares and stitches.  After all, all the rugs I have seen on Pinterest etc seem to be… Read More

  The last three granny squares have been quite interesting. First up is a traditional granny square crocheted in half treble stitches. This is the best one I have done of these as I seem to be getting the tension right now.   This was followed by a chequer board pattern square which was also incredibly easy. It’s simply a mix of treble blocks and chain spaces. I think I am beginning… Read More

I haven’t been well today so to keep me occupied I have been ploughing on with the granny squares for the vintage throw. There are two plain squares.  The deep purple one, or aubergine, is in a basketweave and I found this quite challenging to do.  The stitch was fairly simple once I got the hang of it and could see how the pattern developed, however I found it rather awkward to… Read More

I have decided to start a new blog to chronicle my efforts to learn to crochet.  I have another blog, The Patient Gardener, which I have written for some 5 years and occasionally I post on there about various non-gardening activities.  However, as I am making a concerted effort to get to grips with crocheting I thought I would encourage myself by making myself record my attempts on a regular basis. As… Read More