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For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



My Garden This Weekend – 9th August 2015

It seems as though summer has finally arrived, the temperatures have definitely lifted into the 20Cs and the borders are very dry; not great given the plants I have planted out in the last few weeks such as the Echinacea... Continue Reading →


My Garden This Weekend – 26th April 2015

Today the forecasters predicted low temperatures of around 10C and wind and maybe rain.  Now I would certainly have welcomed the rain since it hasn't really rained all month and whilst the established plants are fine those I have been... Continue Reading →

The Greenhouse Review – April

Here we are and the greenhouse is just as full as last month although the occupants have changed a little.  Some salvias and an agave which were being overwintered have now moved outside, although I will have to keep an... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Review – March 2015

I have been meaning to join in with Peonies and Posies monthly meme on the greenhouse for a while but I keep forgetting.  Luckily I spotted a post elsewhere which has reminded me so here I am.  My greenhouse is... Continue Reading →

My Garden This Weekend – 16/2/15

I am still aching from my gardening session yesterday which shows either just how unfit I have got over the winter or that I took on more than I should have.  It doesn't matter though because despite the aches I... Continue Reading →

My Garden this Weekend – 25th January 2015

With a little sunshine this weekend and a slight increase in the temperatures the first hellebores are starting to open.  This is the plant that hooked me on hellebores some 7 years ago.  I used to use it as my... Continue Reading →

My Garden This Weekend – 18th January 2015

As you can see the garden has had a dose of winter this weekend albeit short-lived with the majority of the snow having melted by Saturday lunchtime. I can't say I wasn't disappointed that it was too cold to do... Continue Reading →

Always Trust Your Instincts

This photograph represents a serious amongst of angst and irritation that I have experienced over the last few weeks. I have had my small greenhouse (6' x 4') for probably 8 years and it has a small thermostatically controlled electric... Continue Reading →

My Garden This Weekend – 26th October 2014

A nice horticultural weekend has been had with yesterday spent at my HPS group meeting.  As ever an excellent day was had with an interesting group discussion in the  morning about what is looking good in gardens mainly chrysanthemums. A... Continue Reading →

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