The Patient Gardener


  This is written in response to the latest prompt from the Grow Write Guild – the theme is what your garden sounds like. If you click on the link on the bird names you will hear what I hear. For me the optimum gardening time is early evening when everyone else is busy with dinner, going out whatever.  At this time it seems I have the neighbourhood to myself – no… Read More

This post is in response to Gayla’s latest Grow Write Guild challenge – where she asks us to write a descriptive post on our garden right now My favourite spot in the garden is sitting on the slab steps leading to the top of the garden.  From here I feel enclosed, safe, secretive, wrapped up in the garden.  I can’t see my neighbours and they can’t see me. Sitting on the cold… Read More

Stone House, Worcestershire This post is written as part of the Grow Write Guild – this week the theme is Your Dream Garden When I sat down to write about my dream garden I closed my eyes to try to bring an image to mind.  Weirdly, it all went a little Disneyish and the fantasy garden was a cartoon with the blue birds tweeting! This quickly turned into the garden of Sleeping… Read More

It’s all a little hazy what my first plant was.  I have racked my brains and finally whilst staring at the snow and sipping another cup of tea, I really am drinking too much tea but I am so bored, I remembered that as a young child I was given a mini-greenhouse as a Christmas present. Now don’t be overly impressed when I say mini greenhouse I don’t mean something that you… Read More