The Patient Gardener


Finally, got around to writing this blog post about my gardening exploits this past weekend.  The weather was delightful, dry and sunny and it was the perfect opportunity to set to and put my plans for a vegetable/fruit bed into action.  I reported in previous posts how I had decided to convert the ‘Big Border’ in the middle of the garden to grow produce and I have moved a few plants but… Read More

Some eight years ago I made the decision to give up on veg growing and gave up my allotment.  It had been a love/hate relationship from the start for a whole raft of reasons and I have never regretted the decision.  However, for some reason in the last couple of months I have had an inkling to try growing veg and fruit again but this time at home in my garden. This… Read More

I have nearly come to the end of just over a weeks annual leave and I have managed to spend a couple of hours on six of those days at the allotment.  This has made a real difference and I am beginning to feel more on top of things.  There is still masses to do but if I hadn’t spent the time I have I would really be struggling. I have lifted… Read More