The Patient Gardener


Finally, got around to writing this blog post about my gardening exploits this past weekend.  The weather was delightful, dry and sunny and it was the perfect opportunity to set to and put my plans for a vegetable/fruit bed into action.  I reported in previous posts how I had decided to convert the ‘Big Border’ in the middle of the garden to grow produce and I have moved a few plants but… Read More

  To say I am chuffed is an understatement.  I have grown cucumbers!!! So far we have three large fruits with more coming on.  I am so pleased because this isn’t the first time I have tried to grow cucumbers but I have always failed in the past. My eldest son adores cucumbers, in fact when he was little they were the only form of vegetable he would eat.  He gets through… Read More

The art of fruit-growing is all a little obscure to me. However, I am an eternally curious person so leaped at the chance last week to visit the top fruit grower in the country.  This visit was an unexpected bonus when I was on my pests and diseases workshop.  We popped 5 minutes up the road from the garden we were based in and found ourselves amongst acres of spanish tunnels full… Read More