The Patient Gardener


A nice horticultural weekend has been had with yesterday spent at my HPS group meeting.  As ever an excellent day was had with an interesting group discussion in the  morning about what is looking good in gardens mainly chrysanthemums. A bit of plant buying over lunch including a rather nice Nerine ‘Kinn McIntosh’ and a Polyxena corimrosa to add to the bulb collection. I also was given a rather large Viburnum which… Read More

My February post for the Hardy Plant Society is up – the subject hardy evergreen ferns.

Despite the completely mad weather this weekend I have still managed to get my horticultural fix.  Some say that a small tornado went across the country yesterday I don’t know if that is exactly what it was but my journey home from the monthly Hardy Plant Society group meeting was one of the most unpleasant journeys I have had for a while.  The wind was so strong I could feel it pushing… Read More

This year I will be writing a monthly post for the Hardy Plant Society on my Plant of the Month. January’s post is up here and it is on Christmas Box. Now to write February’s

This weekend I went to my first meeting of a well established group of the Hardy Plant Society.  As I said in my last post I had heard how good the group was from a number of plants people some of whom travelled quite a way to attend the meeting.  I concluded it must be a good group and worth a go. Unlike many groups, HPS and otherwise, this group has a… Read More

  I was very pleased this week to have a post accepted for the Hardy Plant Society website – you can read it here I have also agreed to write a monthly post for them in 2014 on Plant of the Month so that gives me a year to decide what plants and to do some research which will mean I learn more – all good.

Asarina procumbens Just over a week ago I posted about my  seed haul from the Hardy Plant Society,  well today my seeds from the Cottage Garden Society seed distribution scheme arrived.  Luckily there aren’t as many packets but it is another electic mix and surprisingly only one duplication with the seeds from HPS which is good as I didn’t really cross -reference my orders.  The result is that I have two lots of… Read More

Tigridia pavonia As some readers will know I am a seedaholic – I love the thrill  of growing plants from seed.  To feed my addiction I order seeds each  year through the Cottage Garden Society  seed distribution scheme and in the last two years also  through the Hardy Plant Society scheme.   I  understand the RHS  also have a scheme but so far I have resisted as I think it may be one  step… Read More

Angelica gigas Some people may have picked up on the fact that I have abit of an addiction – to growing things from seed.  This really only became a true addiction 2 years ago when I got my first greenhouse and it has been down hill ever since. This week I have received two lovely packages through the post with my seed orders from the Cottage Garden Society and the Hardy Plant… Read More