The Patient Gardener


Today I went to the inaugural meeting of the HPS Shade and Woodland Group which conveniently for me was held near Tewkesbury where I go for my monthly HPS meetings and in addition to this the talk was by one of our committee members, Keith Ferguson with a visit in the afternoon to his and his wife, Lorna’s, garden. The meeting was attended by some 80 people at a rough guess which… Read More

I cancelled my RHS membership this week, well I cancelled the renewal of it.  This hasn’t been an easy decision which is ridiculous given that it is just an annual subscription to something. Just after having made the decision I read an article by Frank Ronan in a copy of Gardens Illustrated from 2008 which talked about whether membership of the RHS was necessary to be a good gardener.  In the article… Read More

Anyone who regularly stops by this blog will know that I have an addiction to packets of seeds.  I just can’t resist them in the garden centre, have to buy the magazine if there is a free packet with it and am always on the look out for a new supplier.  My favourite supplier at the moment is Jungle Seeds but I also really like Plants of Disctinction and Special Plants.  Despite… Read More