The Patient Gardener


Winter has never been a favourite season for me or even a mildly welcomed one. It is the bottom of the pile. I have found it too still, too grey and obviously too cold. My preference has always been for spring and autumn. Both seasons of significant change, generally fine weather and less overwhelming than the blowsy bountiful, bright summer. However I am slowly beginning to appreciate winter more. Despite a loathing… Read More

We have been living in a seemingly permanent mist for the last two days ever since the temperatures rose and the snow started to melt.  I am presuming that this is because there is so much water vapour from the thawing snow.  I am getting desperate for the sun to break through or just to see the sky. Today was the first day since early December when the garden hasn’t been frozen… Read More

This has been one of those weeks when you are glad to reach the end of it and hope that the next week will be better. Unlike the majority of the UK here in Worcestershire we seem to have got away with only a small amount of snow, as you can see above, which is something to be grateful for after the weeks of snow we had at the beginning of the… Read More