In a vase on Monday: Epimediums

This week’s vase is a simple one.  The ‘vase’ was made for me by my eldest son today.  It is essentially a log which he has carved out and filled with an old spice jar.  It is a prototype for something he is exploring doing for a friend’s wedding reception.

It seemed to me that the obvious flowers to put in the vase were epimediums which are so delicate that it is difficult to show them off well in a vase.  They really sparkle in the late afternoon summer and have brought a little bit of the remaining shady garden into the house.

Thank you to Cathy for hosting this weekly meme.



In a Vase on Monday – Daffodils

Well it was only a matter of time before daffodils were the subject of the In a Vase on Monday post.  Many of these were blown over in the winds at the end of last week and some had to be rescued from under shrubs and perennials which have grown larger than I expected! I have had to make a note to dig up the bulbs and move them into a more open location.

I think the selection demonstrates just how diverse narcissus are.  I prefer the lighter coloured flowers as I find the brighter yellows a bit brash.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting this weekly meme.

In A Vase on Monday – Snowdrops


Finally the first snowdrops are flowering so I thought I would feature some in this week’s Monday vase, plus it means I get to enjoy them in the evening when I get home from work rather than only at weekends.

There are three varieties in the vase.  The two small ones at the front with the more yellow ovaries are Galanthus ‘Ding Dong’ which although it has been in flower for a good week is still late as it normally flowers around Christmas, hence the name. The two to the right of the photo and central are Galanthus ‘Mrs McNamara’, another early which again has been flowering for a few weeks.  This is one of the Galanthus whose name has eluded me until I spent some time tracking back through the blog and plant labels.  On my to do list this month is to make sure any special snowdrops without labels are indeed labelled.  The last snowdrop at the back on the left is Galanthus ‘Galatea’ which has an arching pedicel, thats the thin bit that connects the flower to the stem.  You can see that it’s flowers and Mrs McNamara are larger than Ding Dong.

The vase has been on this meme before, a flea market find, and the backdrop is a pashmina I have had for years.  For someone who doesn’t really wear scarves or pashmina I seem to have quite a few!

Thank you to Cathy for hosting this meme which I am really enjoying.


In a vase on Monday: Pretty in Pink


This meme has made me somewhat obsessive about seeking out something to put in a vase on Monday.  I realised that this was the case when I got quite excited to spot some bergenia flowers when my eldest moved his car yesterday and bored him on the subject all the way to the supermarket he was taking me to (I had hurt my arm so wasn’t driving).

I have to be honest that the bergenias are my neighbours and grow along the edge of their garden when it joins our driveway and are making a bid to engulf the driveway.  Having said that I have quite a few bergenias in the garden, although none in flower at the moment, and I think they are very underrated.  As you can see they have wonderful foliage and are great for providing substance at the front of the border but I get the feeling that the are one of those marmite plants that you either love or hate.

The vase is a purchase from a trip to Hong Kong in my late teens.  The pashmina was a gift from my Japanese pen pal.  We have written to each other for some 35 years, well to be honest it is more a case of Christmas and birthday cards these days; but I didn’t meet up with her on my recent trip to Japan as she lives in the north of the country and I was in the south with little space in the itinerary.

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In A Vase on Monday – Evergreens


So this week’s In a Vase on Monday (thats two weeks now) is foliage from the garden, with the obligatory munched corner courtesy of the slugs. I think it is a good demonstration of how a winter garden doesn’t have to be borrowing or rely on coloured stems; which I’m not that keen on. The contents are a random selection of evergreen foliage including but not limited to:

  • Prostrate rosemary
  • Choisya ‘Sundance’
  • Arum
  • Buddleja salviifolia
  • Euphorbia characius ‘ Silver Swan’
  • Some form of unknown variegated ivy
  • A yellow variegated form of euonymus
  • A silver variegated form of suonymus

The vase is a simple cheap glass one, I could try and tell you that this was an artistic decision but really it was the only vase that held the foliage together.  So to make up for the lack of interest in the arrangement I decided to take the photograph outside …


…and within minutes our Ladyship, currently called ‘The Management’ decided to get in on the act.

Thank you Cathy for hosting this meme – for more vases pop over to Rambling in the Garden


In a vase on Monday – Winter Bear


As I am hopeless at sticking to things I will not start this post by saying that I intend to participate in Cathy’s weekly In A Vase On Monday meme. Instead I will aspire to take part more than I did last year, which shouldn’t be too hard to achieve!

January is really not the ideal time to try and write a post about a vase full of things from your garden but I have managed to rustle up some Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ which isn’t quite fully open so may be useful next week, or the week after and some Jasminum nudi-florum which to be honest is probably beginning to go over.


The bear ornament is one of what my family call my ‘Christmas tat’ collection which I think is quite rude.  Essentially, every December I seem to acquire one or two Christmassy ornaments to add to my growing collection.  I am rather fond of the bear whose name is Prudence – well that’s what is says on its bottom – and she doesn’t go away in the cupboard after Christmas but usually moves to her non-Christmas quarters in the spare bedroom aka my sewing room.

The vase is a flea market find a couple of years back costing the princely sum of £1 and the light is newish and bought to help me seeing when I am sewing in the evenings.

So that is my first IAVOM post, I wonder how many I will manage this year.  Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme – you can check out hers and others by visiting her blog via this link

In a Vase on Monday 14/9/15 – Butter Curls


Another simple vase from me this week showcasing the Kirengshoma palmata which is looking beautiful at the moment.  This is one of few plants that I would really miss if I was to loose it and I look forward every year to the first flowers appearing.  As I have said before on this blog the flowers remind me of butter curls.

I have added a bit of extra colour with some stems of Callicarpa.  I bought the Callicarpa a few weeks back from Hidcote Gardens and some of the stems are growing horizontally at ground level so need to be removed.  I think the purple berries pick up on the purple tones of the stem and base of the Kirengshoma flowers.


To increase the balance between the yellow and purple/burgundy I have put the stems in a burgundy glass vase which I have shown on here before.

I am rather pleased with the arrangement, it is quite simple but I think elegant and interesting.

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In a Vase on Monday – Late Summer Glow

IMG_2669 1

My vase this week contains some late summer perennials which are looking good in the garden at the moment.  I have to admit to being a little mean when I cut flowers in the garden.  I really hate diminishing the display and many of my plants are  to young to produce lots of blooms.

This week’s bunch contains some perennial Rudbeckia which arrived in the garden, possibly via bird seed.  One of the pale pinky red echinacea, a larger flowered Aster whose name is long-lost (I much ask Helen Picton which it is), two types of Crocosmia – one of which could well be ‘Sunglow’, an unknown Persicaria, Salvia ‘Phyllis Fancy’ and some Thalictrum – probably delavayi.  It seems the lesson to learn here is I need to keep better notes of what is what!

IMG_2670 1

There is nothing to tell you about the vase as I am sure I have used it before for this post.  It is one I bought in my early teens when on holiday in Venice and I have used it ever since.  It is the perfect vase with a narrow neck which flares at the top thus keeping the stems together but allowing the flowers to spread out.

So this are the colours of my garden at the beginning of September.  For more vases pop over the Cathy’s at Rambling in the Garden

In a Pot on Monday – Unexpected Bloom

IMG_2470There is no vase from me today as everything is rather soggy and I have been distracted by a surprise find in the greenhouse this week.  Having a tidy up and jiggling things around I discovered that Hippeastrum ‘Ever Green’ had produced a flower bud despite my belief that it was resting.


I can only assume that the cool and moist state of the greenhouse this summer has encouraged it and I suppose it means that it won’t be flowering this Christmas.  Never mind I will have to just enjoy the other Hippeastrums I have provided they decide to flower and maybe I might just have to purchase a few more bulbs as a back up.


And here you can see how wonky the stem is due to it striving for light from its place tucked down the side of the staging before its rescue.

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