The Patient Gardener


  It’s a strange thing that my thoughts about the garden are at their most clearest in the early hours of the morning when I am supposed to be asleep. I find myself seeing, with what feels like surprising clarity, exactly how a problem should be resolved and there is inevitably, as the birds warm up their vocal chords, a to do list which would strike fear into many a gardener. Some… Read More

There are some places that you dream of visiting. You study the photos in books or on-line and you create an impression, maybe a little gilded, in your mind’s eye. For me Great Dixter is such a place.  I have longed to visit for years but just as you hesitate to watch a film of your favourite book I was nervous that it would not live up to my imaginations. As soon… Read More

Today the forecasters predicted low temperatures of around 10C and wind and maybe rain.  Now I would certainly have welcomed the rain since it hasn’t really rained all month and whilst the established plants are fine those I have been planting out over the last month are struggling.  However, the reality of the weather is that we have had an amazingly beautiful spring day with temperatures reaching around 18C this afternoon.  We… Read More

I’m no longer much of a fan of showgardens and tend to gravitate to the nurseries and floral marquee more.  However, I thought I would have a quick look to see what was on offer this year.  Malvern has always been one of the shows where new designers can stretch their wings and have a go at doing a show garden. In my humble and inexpert view the gardens have a tendency… Read More

This post is written in response to the latest prompt from the Grow Write Guild. We were asked to write about what inspired us to garden, or who our mentor was. I don’t have a gardening mentor and I don’t really remember anyone in my past being very garden focussed.  I remember my parents clearing overgrown gardens so we spent a lot of time outside but they have a tendency towards lawn… Read More

I’m on annual leave for two weeks with no plans at all during this first week.  I have done stuff in the garden and house but half way through the week I got itchy feet and needed a change of scenery and some stimulation.   I had a ponder about where to go and decided to finally get around to visiting Stone House Cottage Garden and Nursery.  It has been recommended to me… Read More

Sitting here on a bleak December day I have been contemplating lots of changes to the garden next year and have found myself  looking back at gardens I have visited this year for inspiration.  I have realised that when I visit gardens my interest is really drawn to particular plants rather than the planting overall.  I suspect this is because I am more of a plant person than a garden designer.  However,  my… Read More

  In my one before last  post I moaned about this time of year and not getting a gardening fix and how I was feeling depressed.  Well I have taken quite a leap forward from that position thanks to Fergus Garrett, of Great Dixter fame.  On Monday of this week I went, with some other gardening friends, to a local horticultural society where Fergus was going to be speaking.  I hadn’t realised… Read More