The Patient Gardener


My selection of blooms for February include a lot of flowers that were flowering last month.  It seems to me that spring flowers last longer than those in the summer.  I wonder if it is something to do with the temperatures or whether they flower longer to give them more chance of being pollinated by the pollinators which are scarcer than in the summer.           A couple of… Read More

Yes from the sofa as I have been incapacitated since Tuesday and spent every day stuck on the sofa wary of any movement which might cause me excruciating pain.  It all goes back to an injury I incurred when planting a new Sorbus in the front garden just after Christmas coupled with a long term problem with tension knots in my neck.  I have been for treatment at the osteopath and things… Read More

This weekend it has been wet and misty which to be honest has been a blessing as I needed to get on with finishing decorating the dining room.  I am pleased to say the walls and ceiling have been done and the first coat is on the woodwork so the room will be finished some time during the week and I will be hanging up my decorating togs and hoping to don… Read More