The Patient Gardener


Its funny how things work out.  There I was thinking I would write a blog post about the gardens I saw in Austin when something caught my eye in the garden.  It was this beauty, a Iris Pacific Coast hybrid.  Now my American friends may think, what’s all the fuss about, but here in the UK they are not widely grown.  What is even more exciting is that I grew this one… Read More

  I have treated myself to a new camera  – a Canon EOS 100D.  It was bought on a whim which is unlike me as I normally labour over such investments but I am in that sort of mood at the moment and I had the funds so why not.  It is my very first DSLR and I am determined not to rely on the automatic settings but learn to use the… Read More

My garden this weekend has been wet, windy, grey with a scattering of sunshine.  It has been cool and not at all conducive or encouraging to gardening.  Added to this my head is all over the place as I am jetting off on Tuesday morning to San Francisco to  join in with the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling.  Everything is organised: the case almost packed but already full, dollars acquired, ESTA/visa sorted, ticket… Read More

Instead of showing you views of the garden this weekend I am going to show you some of my star plants this week.  I was feeling a little sorry for myself on Friday and Saturday due to a sore back and my grumpiness meant that I forgot about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and my monthly photo – ho hum! So I am showcasing the stars this week in this post. I have… Read More

This week’s theme for  Blooming Friday set by Katarina over at Roses and Stuff is ‘Essentials’ I have been pondering what Katarina’s intention was when she chose this theme.  Firstly, I was going to photograph the tools I consider essential in the garden but then I  realised that this wasn’t particularly apt for ‘Blooming Friday’.  I then thought, well food is essential so maybe I should be featuring edibles but I don’t… Read More