The Patient Gardener


This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Shadowed.  I have toyed with the obvious ideas of shadows but instead have gone for a feeling of being shadowed from the heat of the day. These photos were taken in July on the Isola Madre in Lake Maggiore in Italy.  The island is a botanic garden full of lush planting and shadows from the bamboos and are exotics create cool places to escape from… Read More

Now some of my readers have kindly described my garden as lush when they saw my EOMV photos but I don’t see it this way.  For me the photo above shows a lush garden.  The garden in question is Isola Madre, the garden I discovered on holiday in Italy which was the highlight of our trip for me. Isola Madre is the third island in the Borromea Bay and a sister island… Read More