Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2011

The garden is at the half way stage – the early summer flowers have gone over and the late summer flowers are yet to really get underway.  However, there is still plenty putting on a good show such as the Achillea Flowerburst Red, grown from seed last year.  I love the colour but I do find the  flopping nature of the plant annoying.

Anyone who knows me well will know I’m not a fan of Heucheras but I do like the one above.  Its leaves are green with a bit of marbling but it is the flowers I like.  Happily the Heuchera is planted near the Achillea above and they go very well together.  Sadly, I know its name as it was a gift some years back.

The first of the daisy flowers is blooming away.  This is Leucanthemum Broadway Lights, not looking as yellow as I remember from last year and suffering from Salvia flowers falling on it.

I’m pleased that Clematis viticella  Etoile Violette is flowering on time especially as I unceremoniously dug it up earlier in the year and relocated it without the care it should have had.

The Clematis above also works well with the Catananche which is hanging down from the top of the wall border.  It’s such a pretty flower.

My Francoa has come through the winter well and is filling out well.  The Lobelia tupa (below) are thriving and bulking up.  They look so exotic that I was really surprised they survived the winter without any protection.

The Agastache just keeps coming back year on year and getting better and better.  The scent is quite heady and it is a real magnet for bees and other nectar seeking insects.

There are lots of Salvias and Geraniums in flower but the photos did not come out very well so instead I will finish with one of the Sunflowers growing at the allotment.

So that is a selection of my blooms this month.  For more Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts visit May Dream Gardens.