The Patient Gardener


I have noticed more and more that crochet and knitting bloggers have secret and not so secret wool stashes.  I have also noticed that the sewers are the same with fabric stashes. This is an alien concept to me.  I have always bought wool for a specific pattern as opposed to buying wool because I like the look of it.  I don’t, yet, go to craft fayres so these temptations haven’t really… Read More

I have been playing around over the last couple of weeks with a new blog and unsurprisingly the hardest bit has been coming up with a name for it. It started off as ‘Patiently Crocheting’ but that really didn’t trip off the tongue and I quickly realised that I wanted something that I could use for all sorts of crafts. I dabble in sewing, knitting, embroidery as well as crochet. I have… Read More

I am thrilled to say that just before I jetted off to San Francisco I finished my tea party cardi.  I had intended to take it with me but the skirt I was going to wear it with didn’t in the end get packed. Anyway, it’s not my ideal cardi as it’s quite short, a little longer than a bolero and I should have gone for the  next size up as it’s… Read More