The Patient Gardener


  This week’s Photo Challenge theme is scale – having something in a photo to show an extreme of scale.  As I quite like to do these posts on a Friday evening I tend to use photographs I already have rather than going out to take a photograph especially; it also gives me a good opportunity to look back through photos. I thought about large and small things and remembered this statue… Read More

  This week’s photo challenge theme is: Serenity.  I find this image very calming, and a reminder of a happy week with my sons. It was taken at Lake Maggiore, Italy in July this year.  

Now some of my readers have kindly described my garden as lush when they saw my EOMV photos but I don’t see it this way.  For me the photo above shows a lush garden.  The garden in question is Isola Madre, the garden I discovered on holiday in Italy which was the highlight of our trip for me. Isola Madre is the third island in the Borromea Bay and a sister island… Read More

My sons and I have just returned from a wonderful week on Lake Maggiore which is located in the shadow of the Alps in the Piedmont area of Northern Italy.  I am constantly amazed that my sons still want to come on holiday with me and every year suspect it will be the last family holiday as they are both in their early 20s.  However, I think the reason is that we… Read More