The Patient Gardener


September has been a very dry month and has ended with exceptionally warm temperature. a real Indian summer.  Although the garden is dry at first glance luckily because we have had the odd day of rain and there is frequently a heavy dew in the morning the plants are looking quite good. Starting with the smallest area of this monthly post – the hardy succulent trough has really filled out.  When I… Read More

Another lovely weekend and this time a three-day one as I had some time due to me.  I started clearing the slope on Friday although the rain stopped play after an hour.  I am moving the asters and grasses and a few other bits from the slope to the Big Border.  I want to plant up the slope with hardy exotics aiming for a jungley sort of look. I have the overall… Read More

I featured the flowers in the Daisy Border  in my GBBD post earlier this week and Christina asked when I would show a long shot of the border.  So here it is.  The biggest problem is that it never seems to matter when I try to photograph the border I get some sort of glare from the sun so this is the best it gets. As you  can see it isn’t a… Read More