The Patient Gardener


So this was the front garden this morning.  Regular readers will know that I have been procrastinating for some time, maybe years, about the front garden and getting rid of the lawn.  I decided this year that it would go but instead of embracing it head on earlier in the year I have occupied myself with various other ‘essential’ tasks in the main garden.  I suspect there was a small voice questioning… Read More

My garden is smallish and with my plant addiction I need to prioritise plant space so good-bye lawn.  Who needs a lawn anyway? Some would argue that a lawn is a counterfoil to borders and sets them off; it’s somewhere to rest your eyes.  This is true and I totally agree  – if you have the space to create vistas and if you have so much planting that you need to rest… Read More

Digging up my back lawn has been completely liberating – more liberating than I could possibly imagine.  No longer do I have the tedium of trying to mow a sloping lawn but what I hadn’t really anticipated was how the dynamics of the garden have completely changed. Looking back its as though the garden hadn’t really come into its own, the lawn was holding it back like a parent trying to stop… Read More

… to why you are spreading across my lawn in spite of lawn care treatments etc!! They do look quite pretty though along with the clover and the dandelios and moss.  My lawn is very damp – it is basically on clay and with the amount of rain we have had this spring up until this week it positively squelched.  I put a moss and weed killer down last year and the… Read More