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For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



Wordless Wednesday: Fresh


End of Month View – October 2015

October has been a kind month to this gardener.  We have had generally dry weekends with milder temperatures than normal allowing me to spend some quality time in the garden.  My efforts have been small but widespread and really have... Continue Reading →

Foliage Follow-Up – April 2015

I didn't do a foliage follow up post last month as I was bored with posting about the same plants all winter - even I couldn't face another photo of Melianthus major but with the warm weather and spring well... Continue Reading →

End of Month View – November 2014

November this year has been wet and mild resulting in the weeds and grass still growing, even the drop of temperature earlier this week was short-lived and we are back to mild temperatures for the time of year and fog.... Continue Reading →

Foliage Follow Up – November 2013

Finally I can blog again.  With the shorter days I am struggling to take photographs for the blog and being away last week meant that I couldn't get any photographs for the GBBD post.  But never mind its the weekend... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

I noticed yesterday that my blogging friend Ronnie was participating in a weekly photo challenge meme run by wordpress.  This weeks theme was 'green'.  I thought that as it was such an easy subject matter for a gardener like me... Continue Reading →

To tidy up or not?

Having spent quite a few hours in the garden this weekend tidying up after nearly a month of bad weather I found myself smiling at Victoria's post about her winter garden.  In particular it was her confession of being a... Continue Reading →

Delights of Autumn

Finally managed to get out into the garden this weekend and start the big autumn clean up.  I have been getting increasingly fustrated as due to the weather and major work in the house I haven't been able to get... Continue Reading →

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