In a vase on Monday – Late Spring


I was inspired by a couple of beautiful feeds on Instagram (@simplybyarrangement @kreettakreetta and @derletztewolf) to pick some late spring flowers from the garden and to attempt to arrange them artistically. I use the term ‘attempt’ as flower arranging is not my forte.  I’ve never been taught and to be honest I really like the bunch in a vase look.

The thing that really appealed to me about the 3 IG feeds is the Dutch Still Life feel many of their photos had.  I love Dutch Still Life.  I like the darkness of the backgrounds, the richness of the colours used and also the strangeness of some of the arrangements.  Obviously tulips lend themselves to this style given their history which is inextricably entwined with that period of Dutch art.

But my tulips are more or less over so my vases have a selection of what was looking lovely in the garden yesterday morning after the rain.  The large bunch is a mix of Deutzia, Aquilegias, Alliums, Geraniums, and some other bits and pieces.  Then there is a little charity shop vase with Lily of the Valley in it. I have loads of Lily of the Valley its becoming a bit of a weed in my garden.  ‘Chatting’ with @simplybyarrangement I have discovered that you are meant to pull Lily of the Valley rather than cut it i.e you pull the flower stem and it comes away from the supporting leaf which is sort of wrapped around it.  I will try that if I pick any more.  This vase is currently in my bedroom and the perfume is wonderful.  That leaves the Rhododendron ‘Happy’.  Every year I think I must pick some Rhodo flowers as they are up the garden and I never look at them much but life gets in the way.  Now as life is generally on hold I have sufficient head space to enact that thought and a beautiful flower is sitting on my coffee table for me to admire up close every evening.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting ‘ In a Vase on Monday’ meme – its hard work hosting a meme.


In a Vase on Monday – Dainty Lily of the Valley


I have gone for simplicity this week, in fact I find myself preferring the more simple vases.  I have some lily of the valley flowering and I wanted to appreciate them properly, especially their scent.  They haven’t flowered as well as some previous years but I think they have suffered from beginning swamped by bluebells in recent years.   There was only a small posy to collect but the scent is pretty good.


The vase has appeared before, a £1 find at the local flea market.  I have put it with one of my favourite photographs.  It is of me, my Mum and my paternal grandmother, who died when I was about 7.  It is one of only two photos I have of my grandmother.  I just love this photo and it takes pride of place on the mantle-piece.  With them, as you should always display things in odd numbers (!!) I added my sheep pincushion which I made last year.  It too lives on the mantle-piece as I can’t bring myself to use it.


I think lily of the valley should be grown more, although I understand that some people find it hard to grow.  It is such a pretty spring flower and often overlooked due to the brighter daffodils and tulips.  I love its simple purity so it is nice to show it off this week.

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